One of a kind careers for one of a kind people

OOAK Relations is a career club for clients and friends who seek the Oh! in work. We’re the recruitment and consultant agency you actually want to hang out with.

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We are a progressive and a specialized agency and we know what it´s like to be you, both from a client and candidate perspective. Because of our 30 years of experience we dare to call ourselves specialists. With this being said, we have a great understanding for your expectations.

Building long-term relationship with our clients and friends means a commitment to constantly being on our toes, foreseeing trends and being proactive, building trust in every way we can. We call this sustainable relationships.



Let OOAK relations do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on other important aspects of your business and career. Executive search and recruitment of other leaders and specialists, consultants, remoters and interim solutions - we do it all, and we promise to simplify things while taking really good care of you. 

We strongly believe in the long term, sustainable approach in all businesses and relations. OOAK relations connects talented people with passion for their craft with the right clients. We aim for a perfect match that ultimately leads to development and growth.

No need is too complicated, no greed is unasked-for. We get it. 


What we do



Design is a wide field of knowledge, applicable to all lines of work and experiences. Our clients and candidates have two things in common, a passion for all things digital and turning vision into business advantage. We connect talents and companies with the aim of creating One of a kind user experiences.


Very few things are as ever-changing and heavily dependent on fluctuating audiences and new technology as marketing. In the hunt for growth and financial flow, one needs to comprehend trends, behaviors and context to keep moving forward. Our One of a kind process is tailored to excel talents as well as companies.



In a world of information overload with globalization heavily impacting our lives, one needs to stay relevant, whether the goal is strategic internal, external or digital communication. Data is the new currency when it comes to staying informed. Whatever your needs are, we guarantee One of a kind solutions.



In a fast-moving world of retail and e-commerce the value of strong assortments is everything. Not to mention guiding and coaching the creative teams behind them. Adaptation and a prestigeless, flexible mindset is key to developing sustainable businesses. Consider our One of a kind experience - the runway to your success.


The OOAK Team


Daniel Grette

CEO at OOAK | Born in Gothenburg in the 80’s Daniel is carved from neon colours and Nintendo pixels. Stretching from edgy start-ups to international mega businesses, Daniel has taken the best of his 15-year long experience within recruitment and consulting into OOAK Relations. Nothing gets him going like making sure that people who need people meet under the right circumstances and at the right time.



+46 (0)706 10 67 40


Joanna Command

COO at OOAK | Born and raised in Stockholm, Joanna is a fashion-loving hockey enthusiast who preferably hangs out with family and friends while blasting country tunes. She is a visionary as much as a strategist, bringing her 15-year experience from working with a great diversity of people and teams within the retail industry into OOAK Relations. She goes by the motto never stop learning.



+46 (0)706 78 20 44


André Chocron

CMO at OOAK | Raised in Gothenburg and having spent the majority of his adult life living and working in many corners of the globe, André is instilled with a genuine passion for diverse cultures and people. Travel is obviously a big part of his joy for life, preferably in combination with art, food and everything creative. He brings a goodie bag of experience from journalism, sales and recruitment to OOAK Relations.



+46 (0)704 47 35 65


 Clients and friends

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